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SLC Wellbeing, LLC believes that all people deserve to live healthy, flourishing, and fulfilling lives in vibrant, sustainable, engaged communities. This vision inspires SLC Wellbeing, LLC to optimize the wellbeing potential within each organization; taking them to new heights with a redefined approach to wellness. Stacy's tailored approach celebrates the whole person, actively addresses the social determinants of health and encourages a multidisciplinary continuum of care that emphasizes proactive prevention and culture enhancement. Let's create places, cultures and systems that make it easy for everyone to make healthy decisions that supports their individual ability and your organization's ability to thrive.

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Partnership grounded in open communication and authenticity yields trust and satisfaction. Organizational culture work is rooted in integrity and springboards the conversation beyond words into lived actions.



No two people or organizations are the same. Wellbeing solutions shouldn't be either.  SLC Wellbeing customizes its approach for your people, your places and your culture because one size doesn't fit all.



Health and social disparities exist. SLC Wellbeing intentionally acknowledges and addresses barriers while celebrating unique differences and experiences.



Technology, research, and time move quickly. SLC Wellbeing responds creatively and pivots with agility and resilience to ensure relevance; disrupting the norm to create progress and renewed purpose.

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Stacy Connell is a nationally recognized health, wellbeing, and recreation expert, speaker, and consultant with 19 years of experience in the higher education and corporate settings. Wellbeing has been central to her career and watching its evolution from diet- and exercise-based wellness programs to a whole-person culture strategy has deepened Stacy’s purpose and passion in her work. She uses her talents to inspiring healthy, thriving, and resilient lives that address our nation’s severe health epidemics of suicide, mental illness, loneliness, and chronic disease.

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Stacy’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing is as multifaceted as her experience. She has had points of pride in her career such as authoring the NC State university-wide wellness strategy and leading a newly expanded health promotion department as Georgia Tech’s first Senior Director of Health Initiatives, with responsibility for leading and developing a holistic approach of health and well-being serving 32,000 students and 10,000 employees. Stacy also has professional experience providing support services and prevention efforts for the challenging and nuanced issues of sexual violence and suicide.  

Throughout her career, Stacy has harnessed her passion for biophilic design and the built and natural environments by serving as a key member of small and large scale facility and landscape projects. Projects range from fitness studio renovations to large scale construction projects. Highlighted below are some hallmark projects that Stacy is proud to have been a part of:  

Stacy has been actively involved as a leader in a number of industry associations and has been instrumental in catalyzing coalitions for health and wellbeing in higher education. Below are some of the advisory roles that Stacy has held. 

  •  American Cancer Society, Jed Foundation and Partnership for a Healthier America 

    • Member of Campus Wellbeing Advisory Council (2019 - Present)

  • National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities

    • Board of Director, External Relations (2019-Present)

    • Board of Directors, Membership Chair (2018-2019)

    • 2019 Summit Planning Committee

    • 2017 Summit Planning Committee

  •  NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation (2005-Present)

    • Health & Wellbeing Task Force, Co-chair (2019 – Present)

    • Health & Wellbeing Community of Practice Convener (2018-Present)

    • National Fitness Committee Member (2007-2009)

    • NIRSA Region II Conference Hospitality Committee Chair (2009)

  •  American College Health Association

    • Faculty and Staff Wellness Coalition Member (2014- Present)

    • Wellness Coaching Working Group (2018 – 2019)

  •   Partnership for Healthier America

    • Healthier Campus Initiative Impact and Evaluation Committee (2015-2018)

Stacy has been featured and contributed to various publications including NASPA Leadership Exchange, NIRSA Know, and Campus Rec Magazine. She has also been invited to share and contribute her best practices with others. Here is a selection of recent presentations and speaking engagements that Stacy has led and contributed to: 

  • “I Get It … Wellbeing is important. Now What?” Athletic Business Show 2019. Orlando, FL. November 2019.  

  • Webinar: “Cultivating a Culture in Auxiliaries that supports Mental Health and Well-Being on Campuses.”  NACAS. September 2019. 

  • Webinar: “Breaking Down the Buzzwords – Mental Health, Well-Being, and Self-Care.” NACAS.  August 2019.

  • “Recreation: A Cornerstone for Integrated Health and Well-being.” 2019 Florida State Summit.  Tallahassee, FL. June 2019.

  • “The Future of Recreation Facilities: Building on Synergies to Promote a Culture of Integrated Wellness.” NIRSA National Conference.  Boston, MA. February 2019.  

  • “Well-being: Implementing an Integrated Approach to Well-being that Impacts Student Success.” NASPA Strategies Conference.  Washington, DC. January 2019.  

  • “Collegiate Recreation: A Cornerstone for Integrated Health and Well-Being.” Athletic Business Conference.  New Orleans, LA. November 2018. 

  • “Integrated Health, Well-Being and the National Championship Series.”  NCS 2.0 Meetings. Atlanta, GA. June 2018. 

  • “Implementing a Comprehensive Wellness Program”.  PHA Summit. Washington, DC. May 2018.

  • "W3: Women, Workplace and Well-Being.” NIRSA National Conference.  Denver, CO. March 2018.

  • Health & Wellbeing: Emerging Trends and Integration into Campus Recreation.” NIRSA National Conference, March 2018.  

  • Keynote Speaker, “What is Happiness?” Georgia Tech Employee Learning Week.  Atlanta, GA. December 2017. 

  • “Integrated Well-Being.” NIRSA Triventure Conference.  Marietta, GA. December 2017. 

  • Keynote Speaker, “Daily Well-Being.” 3rd Annual Mental Health Summit.  Atlanta, GA. November 2017.

  • “Start a Movement!  Making Wellness an Institutional Priority.” Building Healthy Academic Communities Consortium.  Gainesville, FL. April 2017.

  • “Building a Healthy Academic Community with Wellness at the Foundation”.  Making the Grade for Worksite Wellness Conference. Wilmington, NC. March 2017.

  • Creating a Culture of Health and Wellbeing.” Conference-wide panel sponsored by Precor. NIRSA National Conference, National Harbor, MD.  February 2017.

  • “Integrating Technology to Inspire Healthy Living” Partnership for a Healthier America Building a Healthier Future Summit, Washington, DC.  May 2016.

  • “The Real Challenge Course – Disability in Campus Recreation.”  NIRSA National Conference, Tampa, FL. March 2012.

Stacy received Bachelor’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology- Fitness & Nutrition and Biological Science from Florida State University and a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Georgia. She also holds many fitness and wellness credentials including certified wellness practitioner, certified health coach, registered yoga teacher, certified strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer and fitness instructor. Additionally, Stacy has continued to expand her knowledge through intensive leadership programs, diversity and inclusion trainings, and skill-based education in motivational interviewing, improvement science and design thinking. 

Stacy lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and their three young children, Mason, Logan, and Piper. Stacy enjoys unwinding with family hikes, working out at OrangeTheory Fitness, and good wine with great company.  

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