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Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships
NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation

Stacy is a true change-maker. She is a widely recognized leader in integrated wellbeing work, which is representative of her willingness to dive into visionary and, necessarily, messy frontiers. Her approaches are well-informed, through research and networking, and benefit from her desire to push forward and get results. Stacy is an engaging presenter and facilitator; her energy, positivity, and ability to connect with people help get everyone on board and progressing towards a shared goal. Stacy has represented NIRSA in numerous presentations and conferences and the association is stronger for it.


Senior Manager, Partnerships
Partnership for a Healthier America

I have seen Stacy lead and inspire a culture of health and wellbeing on two different university campuses through our work together with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA).  She is a subject matter expert for health, wellness and recreation with a cutting-edge approach to health promotion and has a demonstrated track record for success in a tangible, results-oriented way. Stacy strategically tailors her approach for each organization, their population with their unique health challenges, and builds capacity for positive long-lasting change in the culture and lives of many. Stacy is refreshing to be around, a natural motivator who knows how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people. PHA has benefited significantly from Stacy’s thought leadership as she has given many great presentations for PHA and served in various advisory roles. She is a true collaborator with a network that is deep and wide, makes connections to integrate others into her projects, and is always willing to impart her expertise to advance the health and wellbeing of all people. I enthusiastically recommend Stacy for any organization seeking to motivate, spark action, engage employees and empower leadership. 


Senior Director, Stamps Student Health Services
Georgia Institute of Technology

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Stacy Connell while she was at Georgia Tech. Ms. Connell addressed the top population health concerns for Georgia Tech students and employees by researching effective prevention and intervention strategies, analyzing our current practices and implementing new interventions that creatively addressed our population’s unique health issues. Ms. Connell worked diligently to integrate wellness into our medical and counseling services so that wellbeing and self-care were prioritized in clinical settings. Ms. Connell and the dynamic team she built did more than just traditional health promotion; they addressed systems, organizational norms, policies and the entire campus environment to ensure that it is as easy as possible to make healthy choices. Under Ms. Connell’s leadership, a significant expansion in programs and services focused on physical and mental wellbeing practices and yielded remarkable increases in engagement and reach. Overall, Ms. Connell is a visionary leader who understands that fostering health and wellness touches on every aspect of our lives, from our academic/professional pursuits, to our relationships, and our personal habits, and she has the interpersonal and team building skills necessary to implement effective strategies to move institutions and organizations forward in their pursuit of health and wellness.


Professional Development Coordinator
National Association of College Auxiliary Services

Stacy Connell has both the expertise and enthusiasm to make for the perfect consultant around health, wellbeing, and recreation. Discussing buzzwords like 'self-care' and 'wellness' can be a difficult conversation, even for those well versed in the issues, but Stacy has the toolkit to facilitate incredibly meaningful conversations with audiences with a wide range of demographics. Stacy recently led a two-part webinar series with NACAS (the National Association of College Auxiliary Services) that attracted record numbers of higher-ed professionals interested in learning how to lead their departments and better contribute to holistic student success. She is an invaluable resource to help either strength your existing culture or assist in building an organizational mentality from the ground up that promotes mental health on a college or university campus.


Director of Nutrition and Nutritional Wellness
North Carolina State University

I believe the work I did collaboratively with Stacy Connell is some of the best work I have done in my 30+ year career. The synergy with Stacy let us accomplish great things together. Stacy has wonderful vision, a progressive and strategic approach to health, and countless creative ideas and she is able to bring those ideas to fruition. Her project management skills are exemplary. She has a passion for health and wellness, tempered by a realism that helps get the project across the finish line.  Together we accomplished being the first school in the nation to achieve the Partnership for a Healthier America, Healthy Campus Initiatives goals, being named Top 26 Healthiest Campuses, developed a gamified Campus Wellness Module to provide health and wellbeing education and resources on campus in creative and relevant way and did so much more in our strong partnership. More important than the accolades, Stacy achieved campus-wide collaboration by inspiring others to achieve these goals.


STAR Program Director
Georgia Institute of Technology

I first met Stacy Connell when she served as the keynote at a Mental Health Summit at Georgia Tech in 2017. I was immediately impressed with Stacy’s ability to share her very personal story with both vulnerability and strength and in a way that inspires others to take care of their own wellbeing. As we continued to work together, my initial impression of Stacy was confirmed over and over again; and when I was charged with planning a panel discussion during Georgia Tech’s Suicide Prevention Week, Stacy was the first person I thought of. Stacy has an authenticity that allows her to share her story in a way that invites others to embrace their own vulnerability, while also realizing their own strength. 


Executive Director
NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation

Stacy is widely recognized in NIRSA and in higher education as one of the foremost leaders in health and wellbeing.  She is a strategic thinker and activator who inspires and energizes those she works with to achieve excellence.  She is naturally inclusive and respects the uniqueness of each environment.  She knows how to build teams, coalitions, and support to develop and advance a shared vision.  I would enthusiastically recommend Stacy to any organization who wants upgrade their culture and advance health.


Director of Campus Recreation
Florida State University

Stacy Connell is a true difference-maker in the realm of health, wellbeing and collegiate recreation… and a trusted leader and difference-maker in the profession.

  • As a keynote speaker she is dynamic and approachable, with a poignant and inspiring personal story that is impactful to our collective wellness journey.

  • As a subject expert presenter she is knowledgeable, thought-provoking and insightful.

  • As a facilitator she is insightful and inclusive with a sustainable energy that is contagious.

  • As a thought leader she has a passion for preventative / upstream work… and how it correlates to tangible downstream results.

  • As a change agent she is relentless, visionary and insightful.

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